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Portfolio Audit

This service is exclusively for Banks. We can conduct a complete business audit of Corporate and Consumer portfolios and publish management reports.


Corporate Portfolio Audit

We conduct a comprehensive review of the corporate portfolio and issue a report evaluating:

  • The adequacy of the target market and acquisition process

  • Credit initiation adequacy

  • The quality of the analysis and ongoing account management

  • Staffing adequacy and quality

  • Problem recognition and remedial management processes

  • The degree of impairment (if any) in the individual credits

  • Compliance and adherence to corporate policies and procedures

  • Overall portfolio rating and shortfall in the process and individual credits with recommendation for corrective actions and provision adequacy


Consumer Portfolio Audit

We conduct a comprehensive review of the consumer portfolios and publish a report on:

  • Profitability

  • Delinquency profiles, both on lagged and co-incidental basis

  • Customer acquisition benchmarks

  • Collection systems and strategy

  • Delivery and system support

  • Write offs and recoveries

  • Demographic analysis and specific vulnerabilities if any attached to a particular demographic profile.

  • Compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC), anti- money laundering and adherence to the policies and procedures.

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