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Training and Development

Training is an investment in human resource, which is an important indicator of the future health of any organization. Well planned career training continuously improves the employees skills and motivates them to deliver superior results. We provide customized training, based on the individual needs of our customers. Prior to running any training program, we review and tailor material and case studies to ensure that the participants get the maximum benefit. We provide Entry, Intermediate and Advanced  level Certifications in Credit and Relationship Management.


At the entry level, we take the newly hired staff in our supervision and provide them training aimed at developing core skills. At each stage, we do a formal evaluation of the trainees to assess their progress and suggest actions to correct shortcomings. Successful trainees get Certification in their respective functional responsibility



We conduct a complete analysis of the training needs. We review the training programs already attended by the staff, their on the job experience, analytical work done by them, supervisor’s evaluations and also ask them to take a certification test.  Based on the overall assessment (including Certification test results), we recommend further training for the staff.



We can develop matrices suggesting the skill sets over a seven-year period for Relationship Managers, Services Managers (operations), Branch Managers and Consumer Business Managers



We offer several training programs in Credit, Risk Management, Relationship Management and Consumer Finance.  


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